Sabrina F. Leonard


I ask the viewer to consider, not just the aesthetic of the final product, but what has been done to the object and what the repercussions of each measure may be. Was the object enhanced and made more beatiful but stripped of its function? Is it tightly bound or beginning to unravel? Is it split and then forced back with its other half with intention? Was it taken out of its context and no longer belongs here nor there? 

Brief Artist's Statement

My recent sculptural work is conceptual in nature.  I explore how two elements relate to one another and use different processes in this exploration. The elements, usually found objects, whether domestic or natural, easily stand in for people, emotions and even different aspects of oneself. The processes applied to these elements/objects are very telling as each process represents life events, intentions or personal narrative. Whether two elements are merging, diverging, converging or bound together or a single object is split and altered, then stitched back together a story unfolds about a life, a relationship, internal and external experiences.